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OK, so I’ve decided to go for surgery, what’s next?

Take date for surgery.png

Step 1

Decide when you want to have surgery and in which hospital, accordingly take a date from the clinic secretary (call 022 23856161 or 9820811536 or email We will do the hospital booking.

Step 2

7-10 days in advance, we would like you to undergo testing, including blood tests, ECG, etc from a reputed centre nearby. Following is the list of tests needed and they should be recent tests (not more than a month old):


  • Both knees AP standing

  • Both knees lateral in 90 deg flexion

  • Skyline view both patellae in 30 deg flexion

  • Chest PA

  • LS spine AP and lateral

  • Standing scanogram AP both legs (hip to ankle)


Blood tests

  • CBC

  • ESR, C-reactive protein

  • Blood sugar (fasting/post-lunch), HbA1C

  • Liver function tests

  • BUN, Creatinine

  • S Electrolytes

  • Vit D3, B 12

  • T3,T4,TSH

  • Lipid profile

  • RA factor, Anti-CCP


  • Urine routine

  • Urine culture


  • ECG

  • 2-D Echocardiogram


Other specific tests/scans/removing fluid from the joint for testing, etc., may be advised based on individual situation


Step 3

All reports (old and new) along with first consultation paper need to be seen 7-10 days before date of surgery at one of our clinics. They may be brought personally, copies may be sent by courier, or emailed to along with first consultation paper as a single email.


Step 4

Once reports have been seen, we will inform you within 24-48 hours if they are ok or you need further tests or referral to a specialist.


Step 5

Once everything is clear to go ahead with surgery, we will give/email you the admission letter with which you can pay the hospital deposit and inform your insurance company to complete any formalities.

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