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Personalised treatment by Dr Arun Mullaji

  • All operations done by Dr Arun Mullaji 

  • Quick painless recovery due to advanced patient-specific techniques 

  • Home next day

  • 30 years of transforming 20,000+ lives

About Mullaji Knee Clinic


Mullaji Knee Clinic is the first and only specialised chain of knee clinics in India and has built up a reputation for outstanding results and patient care. We know what it takes to get you back to your active lifestyle when pain strikes. We combine the best of orthopaedic science with the highest quality care to deliver the most effective and correct treatment for you.


Over the last 30 years, we have transformed over 20,000 lives. We have introduced partial knee resurfacing for the first time in India in 1997. We use the most advanced computer-assisted and robotic techniques for knee and hip replacement, ensuring quick recovery and long-lasting results. We are experts at ‘revision’ surgery to correct painful and ‘failed’ knee or hip replacement surgery.


We have been on the design team for the Attune knee implant and other implants, instruments and software used for knee surgeries around the world. Our techniques have been published in over 100 publications. We have given keynote lectures, and we train doctors across the globe, making us one of the world’s leading centres of scientific and clinical excellence in knee and hip surgery.

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