What patients say about us
  • "Before the operation I had intense pain in both my knees and could hardly stand or walk. After Total Knee Replacement of both my knees, I experienced no pain from day one. On the 16th day after surgery I went to work at the Taj Hotel and played the piano for 4 hours continuously without any pain. Everyone was surprised to see me walk straight without any limp. Thanks to Dr. Mullaji for a successful and painless surgery and giving me a chance to lead a normal life again."

    Mr A Alphonso, Mumbai
    Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees

  • "I had pain in both my knees for the last 18 years and after surgery my life has totally changed. I have got rid of my knee pain completely and have gained confidence which I never had before. I was really nervous and scared as to how the surgery would turn out to be , but I was blessed that I was in the safe hands of Dr. Mullaji. I am doing fine now and really, really happy."

    Mr M Gheewala, Mumbai
    Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees

  • "Its almost one and half years that I have been operated for unicompartmental knee resurfacing in both knees. I do my normal duties such as walking, climbing, standing and all my daily chores. I feel so normal that sometimes I wonder I have been operated. I bless Dr. Mullaji and his team for doing such wonderful job. God Bless you!"

    Mrs. Kety J Davierwala, Mumbai
    Unicompartmental Knee Resurfacing of Both Knees

  • I wish to thank "Dr. Mullaji and his entire team profoundly for the wonderful experience I have had after the surgery. I did not expect such speedy recovery. It indeed was a miracle, I got relieved from the pain that I suffered all these months. I started walking from day one itself without any support system, which in itself was a great feeling. Wish you all the best.

    Mrs. Neeta Nair, Mumbai
    Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees

  • "I have regained my old Soldier Lifestyle" after having suffered for a period of 15 years of a handicapped life with no hopes for rest of my life. Post Surgery, I daily enjoy my early morning brisk walk for an hour, cycling for half an hour on alternative days and able to carry out my routine day to day outside jobs on foot. I appreciate great efforts of Dr. Arun Mullaji & his dedicated team who made it possible for me to regain my life - Full of Zest."

    Mr. Gulab Chand Bhatia, Mumbai
    Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees

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